Sheriff Brisolara talks retirement

Harrison County Sheriff Melvin Brisolara. (Image source: WLOX News.)
Harrison County Sheriff Melvin Brisolara. (Image source: WLOX News.)

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Melvin Brisolara began his law enforcement career 38 years ago at the Harrison County Sheriff's Office. Right now, he is in his second term as sheriff.

"You are always thinking about at what time will you call it quits, and I'm a firm believer in timing. You have got to make sure that the time is right to do it, and you have got to take advantage of the right time. I feel we did everything we could to get us up to the position we are in now," said Brisolara.

Brisolara was elected as Harrison County's top cop in 2007, unseating longtime Sheriff George Payne, who was facing lawsuits for the mistreatment of inmates.

"Restructuring the whole jail was the hardest thing we were confronted with when we first went into office. Fortunately, we had board of supervisors who were very concerned about the issues, but they just needed to know what the issues where. We delivered those issues to them, worked with them, solved some of the problems and moved on," said Brisolara.

He feels as though the broken trust has been repaired, and now that it is done, it's time for him to retire. He says that decision hasn't been easy.

"I'm going to miss it. You know, right now, I think Harrison County has the highest quality law enforcement it's ever seen. We have great communications between us that's never been there before. It makes things happen. I'm very proud of the Harrison County Sheriff's Office, and I want to thank the citizens of Harrison County for entrusting me," said Brisolara.

Brisolara has 18 months left as sheriff, but after that, he admits he plans to continue to be involved in law enforcement.

"There's some things I might work with the sheriff's association on. There's some legislative issues the sheriffs want to get resolved across the state, so I'm not going to sit back and be totally quiet," Brisolara said.

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