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Some pet owners worried about popular flea, heartworm treatment

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According to its label, Trifexis combines two drugs to prevent heartworms, kill fleas, and treat and control intestinal worms. But could this mixture actually be deadly?

An Atlanta TV station recently reported the FDA lists 965 complaints of dog deaths that are being blamed on Trifexis.

"Anytime there is a new or relatively new product out there, there is going to be some concerns about it - some complaints about it," said Veterinarian Dr. Jerome Williams.

But Dr. Williams isn't one of those who thinks there is a problem. The drug's manufacturer says 15,000 veterinarian clinics rely on the product. Williams' office is one of them.

"We have used this product since it's been on the market and most especially the flea component, which has been on the market much longer, and we have not seen an adverse reaction in the years we have used it," said Dr. Williams.

And while the FDA confirms to FOX6 that they are aware of adverse events associated with Trifexis, they also tell us: "It is very important to realize that reports of adverse events do not necessarily mean that the product caused the event."

Elanco, the drug's maker, echoed those thoughts while also stating that "There continues to be no established link between Trifexis use and death."

As for Doctor Williams - he's not planning on pulling the product anytime soon. "We feel quite confident that it is is a sound, solid, safe product and we will continue to recommend it."

With all that being said, the FDA also tells us that they are reviewing all available information on Trifexis. If there are any safety issues discovered, they'll warn veterinarians and also tell the manufacturers to list those dangers on the label.

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