Bodybuilding has become addictive in a positive way for a Gulfport athlete

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Ryan Kavanaugh is preparing for the 34th annual Heart of Dixie Bodybuilding Championships at Davidson High School in Mobile on August 9.

Kavanaugh competed in two previous bodybuilding competitions and is looking forward to his third.

Kavanaugh said,"My first show I placed fourth overall and the second one, I wasn't too fortunate in that one. I mean you've got to learn and live. You can't win them all."

Kavanaugh started lifting weights when he played football at Bayou View Middle School and Gulfport High. From that experience... lifting weights became a routine he fell in love with and was prompted by friends to take it to the next level.

"I just got addicted to the weights and as I progressed I had people telling me you should join and compete,"stated Kavanaugh. "As I pursued it, it got more and more fun, the people you're around all the time. It's enjoying."

Kavanaugh trains almost everyday for about 2 hours.

"If I'm going Monday, it's typically a chest, shoulder and triceps day," said Kavanaugh. "Tuesday I'll do a back and thighs and Wednesday, you've got to get the legs in."

Kavanaugh says lifting weights makes him feel good.

"It's something to pursue. You only live once. You've got to go out there and make yourself happy."

Kavanaugh will be just one of a handful of bodybuilders from Wolfpack Athletics competing in Mobile next weekend.

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