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Family, friends gather to remember Ashley Gunn

(Source: Sherea Harris/WBRC) (Source: Sherea Harris/WBRC)
(Source: Sherea Harris/WBRC) (Source: Sherea Harris/WBRC)

Hundreds gathered for a candlelight vigil Friday night on Avenue I near the spot where Ashley Gunn was hit and killed by a stray bullet during a shoot out. Family and friends, with heavy hearts, sang, prayed and held candles to remember her.

Gunn is a daughter, sister and the mother of one-year-old Haley.

"It's left me heartbroken," said Gunn's mother Kim Williams. "I lost a 26-year-old daughter who has a left her daughter behind to be raised. She's going to be taken care of, but it's nothing like being raised by your mom."

Gunn's mother says little Haley is hurting too. She notices her mother isn't here anymore.

"She's walking around the house looking for her mom," said Williams. "That hurts me. Going room to room looking for her. When she can't find her, she'll fall out screaming and hollering."

"I can't explain it. I'm sick. I'm just trying to get by," said Gunn's sister Takesha Gunn-Townsend.

She says she not only lost her sister, but her best friend. "I'll have to live without her," said Gunn-Townsend. "She'll be in my heart, but she's not here with me. She is a great mother, a loving person, always smiling, will do what she can to help people. That's why everyone is here supporting us."

"They didn't just shoot someone," said Williams. "They took a life. They took my child away from me."

Gunn's funeral is Saturday at noon at Westside Church in Ensley.

Her mother and sister say they'll have complete closure when the second suspect in the shooting is caught.

One suspect in Gunn's murder is in police custody. 20-year-old Michael Brent Moorer is charged with murder. Investigators say he was arrested after witnesses identified him.

Police are still looking for a second suspect.

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