Shoppers Force Edgewater Mall Open Early

Christine Bradford was hardly alone in her post-Thanksgiving quest for Christmas bargains.

"We've been to Walmart, to K-Mart, to Circuit City, Academy, Belk, J.C Penny's, Abercrombie and Fitch. We've still got about three places here in the mall to go, plus back on 49," said Bradford Friday morning.

But few attempt to accomplish what Christine says she does every year on this granddaddy of all shopping days.

"I start and I stop on this day," says Bradford. "All of it today and I'm done. It's crazy and it's one day of facing the crowds and what have you, but then after that one day, I know I'm completely finished."

For most shoppers and retailers however, this day is just the start of something much bigger.

"Oh my God, it's been crazy," said Game Stop District Manager Richard Calaway.

"Business has been absolutely phenomenal. This morning at 6:30, there was over a hundred people waiting at our door."

As always, bargains were a big motivation for Black Friday buyers who walked the mall clutching handfuls of bags.

"Actually we're making a car trip right now to go drop some off, because there's more in the car," said Kris Goetznan.

Goetznan was with her mother in law Jancie. They say it's a chance for them to have a little quality time, if not quiet time, together.

"We're just going today, finding what we find when we get there," said Janice Goetznan.. "We have no plan. We're enjoying the day though."

There are now only 28 more shopping days left to enjoy before Christmas.