Biloxi City Council Appoints Controversial New School Board Member

The Biloxi city council voted to accept a controversial school board appointee Tuesday night. Council members voted six to zero to one to accept Glendon Johnson's nomination to the school board. A few weeks ago two councilmen walked out to prevent the quorum necessary for the vote. They were protesting Mayor A.J. Holloway's decision not to reappoint Jaye Brice to the school board because she's the sister of Fofo Gilich. Gilich is one of Holloway's opponents in the upcoming mayoral race. Before the vote Brice addressed the council. She told them that none of her actions as a board member were ever politically motivated.

"I think that if my name is not going to be brought before the council as I have been told that they should move forward with the selection and do what's best for the citizens of Biloxi especially the children of Biloxi," said Brice.

"Everything's political locally," said Mayor A.J. Holloway. "Again,this person is working for another candidate and I just don't see any surprise in this."

Ward 7 Councilmen Bill Fluty abstained from the vote.

by Danielle Thomas