Holiday Shopping Season Starts Before Dawn

So much shopping, so little time. The sun wasn't even up yet and the line to get in at Toys R' Us stretched to the end of the building. The doors opened to the mad rush at 6am.

"Once it's gone from the floor, we don't have anymore. Everything we have is on the floor right now," Toys r Us Employee Rick Young told shoppers.

Allison Boggess is a rookie to this day after Thanksgiving tradition. But it didn't take her long to catch on and fill her cart for two lucky toddlers.

"I'm on my way to find some karoake that I missed, the $49 karoake. Have to backtrack, I've already been through," Boggess said.

Sally Place is playing Santa Claus for 130 children.

"They're for the USS Thomas S. Gates, the children's party we're having next week," Place explained. "I got out early to finish up some shopping for them."

Again this year, video games are must have gifts, even at $149.99 a pop.

Getting everything on the list was only half the challenge. The other half was waiting in a check out line that wound completely around the store. Rick Young played traffic officer.

"It's not as bad this year but it'll be getting a little bit worse as it gets longer and we run out of stuff," Young said.

Being an early shopping bird guarantees you don't have to worry about that.

While you're doing your holiday shopping don't forget to pick up an extra gift for a needy child. The Marine Corp Reserves will be set up in various locations collecting Toys for Tots.

Friday, they were at Toys R' Us, Kay-Bee toys and Walmart. You may also drop off presents anytime, at any Sprint store.

The Marines say they really need goodies for toddlers three and under. They say every year that's the age group that gets the fewest presents.