60 sailors competing in 2014 Sunfish North American Sailing Championship

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Under blue skies, 60 sailors from throughout the world used their talents to maneuver past the opposition in their quest to be the best Sunfish sailor in North America.

After two races, Andres Ducasse of Chile posted back-to-back wins, and led by six points over Greg Gust from the Russ Creek Yacht Club in Texas. He was second with 8 points, placing 4th in both races.

Stewart Draheim, another Russ Creek Yacht Club member, had 10 points, closing out the first and second race in fifth place. He's third overall.

Former World Champion Jonathan Martinetti of Ecuador occupied 4th place. He sailed into 7th and 6th place in the first two races.

Daniela Rodriguez, who was second overall in the 2014 Sunfish Youth North American Championship on Tuesday is in 5th place.

Eugene Schmitt of the host Bay-Waveland Yacht Club closed out the first two races with 43 points, placing 14th in the first race and 29th in the second. He's ranks 21st overall.

Anne Edwards of the Bay-Waveland Yacht Club is 23rd... with 48 points following a 12th and 36 finish.

Anne's husband, Todd Edwards also has 48 points and is 24th overall.

Anne says she got caught up in a hole in the first race. That's when she sailed into an area where there was very little wind. Edwards is a four-time Sunfish North American Women's champion.

Anne Edwards: (1614) It was really shifty. You had to be careful where you went. A lot of holes out there. In the end I lost some boats because I got into a hole.

Anne Edwards is a four-time Sunfish North American Women's Champion.

Luke Rosetti, another member of the Bay-Waveland Yacht Club was in 40th place after the first two races.

Day two begins Thursday afternoon at 1:30.

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