WLOX Editorial: You don't downsize at the best installation in the Air Force

As the United States military continued to downsize, Keesler Air Force Base was scheduled to lose 10 C-130 planes to another base in Arkansas leaving only the Hurricane Hunters to operate out of Keesler. Now we hear the 815th Airlift Squadron will stay, at least for now. That's good news for the South Mississippi economy and for the Air Force.

We found it rather odd for a base of the stature of Keesler to be losing any part of its mission. After all, just last year, it was named the best installation in the Air Force recognized for enhanced productivity, dedication to continual improvement, and innovation in support of the mission of the United States Air Force.

South Mississippi leaders may have gotten through to the Washington brass arguing the point that the airlift squadron should remain here. We hope so. In our view, you don't downsize at the best installation in the Air Force.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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