Fight leads to gunshots and mayhem in Stone County

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Stone County Deputy Chief Phyllis Olds described a Saturday night fight this way, "It's by the grace of God that nobody was killed." That fight reportedly started at an outdoor block party. Deputies said it escalated into a gun battle near the Cadillac Club on Thelma Andrews Road.

Witnesses told deputies members of the Thug Brothers gang jumped a victim, and brutally beat him. As the fight spread, witnesses said gunshots could be heard, adding to the chaos.

During their investigation, deputies recovered at least eight bullet shell casings scattered around the area, though witnesses believe as many as 15 shots were fired.  Three of those bullets reportedly pierced cars in the vicinity of the fight.

Deputies arrested three people.  Fred Boggs, Jr. and Quinton Howze face aggravated assault charges for their reported roles in the fight, and for firing weapons.  Kenny Chandler, Jr. is accused of simple assault for allegedly starting the fight by punching the victim in the face.

Deputies had warrants signed Tuesday to arrest three more aggravated assault suspects.

The Cadillac Club is known around Stone County as the Gay Blade Social Club. It's at the corner of Thelma Andrews and New Hope Roads. Stone County deputies say the gun battle was in a parking area across from the club.

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