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Check out what was roaming through Gautier


Gautier proudly boasts it's the home of the Gators.  That's the high school mascot.  On Tuesday, home of the Gators had a more realistic meaning.

The pictures attached to this story are of a gator found near The Pointe apartment complex in Gautier.  According to city officials, the little 4'4" gator was getting a little too friendly.  Apartment tenants complained.  The gator was captured near a small pond by the apartment's swimming pool, and moved to the Pascagoula River.

The gator is estimated to be about 4 ½ to 5 years old.

The complex manager spotted the gator at around 9:30 Tuesday morning. The complex manager called Gautier animal control officer Tony Malis, who caught it and then released it into the Pascagoula River.  

"The gator put up a fight. He didn't want to get caught that's for sure," Malis said.

This summer Malis says this is the fifth gator he's gotten a call on. The biggest was about five feet long. It was caught about two months ago and also relocated to the Pascagoula River.

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