Giving Thanks In The Midst Of Destruction

Some of the windows may have been shattered, but the spirit at Temple Baptist Church to carry on has not.

"It is a little bit more special this evening considering all the damage that we went through and it reminds me of a passage in the Bible about Saul, Paul and Silas where they were persecuted and they sang praises to God following that so I think it's gonna give our congregation an opportunity this evening to lift the Lord up," said assistant pastor Forrest Waldrop.

"I was like amazed. I didn't know that much damaged happened to our new building, so I was amazed to see the pillar going through people's walls and stuff. That really like freaked me out," said church member Kelsey Chalker.

"It was very disheartening, especially our new building that we've been working for and longing to see go up but I'm thankful that it happened now then once it was completely finished, once we'd already moved in. So thankful that we were not in school. I think of our students and we love those children and we're just so thankful they were not here.We have a lot to be thankful for and so I'm sure that we will remember this Thanksgiving in particular for years to come," said the pastor's wife and school principal Valerie Crane.

The members of the church were scheduled to move in to their new sanctuary at the beginning of the next year.

But they say they will simply have to start over and set another date in the future.