Tindell: Tax holiday should include school supplies

State Sen. Sean Tindell.
State Sen. Sean Tindell.

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Shoppers all across South Mississippi crowded stores this weekend to save some money on shoes and clothes as they prepare to send their children back to school. As of right now, the Mississippi tax free holiday does not include school supplies. State Sen. Sean Tindell says he would like to see that change.

Tindell, who represents District 49, said he feels items such as computers, tablets and school supplies need to be included in the tax free holiday, and he intends to bring up that issue when he heads back to the state legislature in January.

"Well obviously, we'd have to get it through the senate, get it through the house and get the governor to sign it. In concept, it's a relatively easy issue," said Tindell. "I think everybody agrees with it. We just got to work out the details and make sure that it's going to help these kids as they go through high school and college get a break on their expenses."

Tindell says with three children now and a fourth on the way, he already takes full advantage of the tax free holiday.

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