D.A.R.E. camp teaches safety and drug abuse resistance

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - There's a unique summer camp happening this week at D'Iberville Middle School aimed at keeping children safe and teaching them how to make wise decisions.

"If a stranger, somebody you don't know, talks to you, alright? You turn and walk the other way and you tell a trusted adult," Lieutenant Shannon Nobles with D'Iberville police told a group of campers.

Nobles is teaching campers how to keep themselves safe when they come across dangerous situations.

Stranger danger is one of a series of topics discussed at this camp.

"Course we talk about gangs. We talk about how gangs destroy communities. We talked about of course drugs and alcohol, stranger danger. And that's pretty much what the program is based on is drug prevention, gang prevention, safety," said Nobles.

After a lecture, children took part in role playing. Lt. Nobles says these lessons are a pro-active approach to law enforcement through positive role models.

"What we're doing here is we're trying to fight crime on a pre-delinquent level. We're trying to get these kids to know law enforcement. We know them and we want them to know the consequences of drugs and alcohol and gangs," Nobles said.

Breaks in between their lessons consist of fun activities like painting and drawing and the crowd favorite--officer dodge ball.

"Mainly, don't talk to strangers and stuff that they can kidnap you and stuff and take you. And don't mess with a pistol because you can shoot yourself," camper Jaida Scott recalled.

"When we first come in we'll play dodge ball and soccer and we'll get to shoot from the free throw line and we get to play all these other different games. And it really excites us because we love knowing that right after we learn we get to go play," said camper Kannon Gilbert.

Behind play time at summer camp is a serious message that will help kids make life saving decisions during dangerous situations.

The summer camp is put on by D'Iberville police department, Harrison County School District and the Harrison County Board of Supervisors.

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