McDaniel brings his 'Truth and Justice Tour' to D'Iberville

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - If there's one thing clear from Chris McDaniel's campaign, it's that he's still not backing down. The state senator brought his camp to the coast Monday night as part of a rally tour to garner support for his most recent quest to challenge the Senate Primary Run-Off results. What McDaniel called his "Truth and Justice Tour" made four stops before eventually ending at the D'Iberville Recreation Center.

The bus began its statewide journey Thursday, and has already stopped by Desoto County, Tupelo, and the Jackson area.

Monday night's event was billed as more of a social than a forum, but that didn't stop McDaniel from addressing the over 200 supporters that showed up. McDaniel has said he plans to challenge the results of the election against Senator Thad Cochran in court, but it's taking time to gather the evidence he needs.

"People need to understand the move that we're making. They need to understand, in some small part, the evidence that we're gathering. Our lawyers are working very hard to gather evidence all across the state. There are still 22 courthouses that we've not been granted full access to. Once we get that evidence together, we'll be in a position to file something at that point," said McDaniel.

McDaniel's supporters kept the energy high throughout his address, cheering every couple of sentences as if it were a campaign rally speech. But, McDaniel wasn't asking for votes. He was simply asking for continued support as his camp searched for "Truth and Justice."

"Take this, this is not about me, it's not about a candidate or a campaign. This is about the integrity of the process. We're going to find the irregularities, we're going to find the corruption, if it exists. We're going to root those out of the system once and for all," said McDaniel.

Once he wrapped up behind the podium, a line quickly formed with people waiting to shake hands and talk to him. Even though the race is officially over, his supporters haven't stopped believing that something could be done to change it.

"If the facts say that he's right, this state will turn upside down, and it needs to," said Ted Murphy, of Long Beach, while standing in the line.

Another McDaniel follower, Belinda Kapaun, said, "We need to keep the enthusiasm up because I think there's a chance that this could be overturned somehow."

Chairman of the South Mississippi Tea Party, Barry Neyrey, said this event just happened to fall on one of the usual meeting nights.

"When the campaign called and said Chris needed to hang out with some supporters, we just threw out the schedule, and told everybody look it's going to be a party, you know? We took down the chairs and set up some tables and brought food. And we're just having a social event because Chris is just a regular guy," said Neyrey.

McDaniel's camp claims to have found thousands of suspicious votes in precincts across the state, but Thad Cochran's campaign and election officials from several precincts say that claim is greatly exaggerated.

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