Tidelands Money Goes To The Birds

A broken wing will keep Clyde, a young pelican, grounded for the rest of his life. During his stay at Wildlife Rehabilitation and Nature Preservation Society, he spends part of his days in a very small pool. Other injured shore birds stay here too but there's no room for them to fly.

WRANPS Director Julie Liberante says, "What we do is we catch them and bring them to the flight room to get their exercise and then we have to catch them and bring them back in here."

With $25,000 in tidelands money, WRANPS will build a new aviary that has both a pool and flight area all under one roof. It will be part of WRANPS new center under construction in Lyman.

"It's going to have a huge flight room at least a hundred feet so they can at least get some exercise," says Liberante.

The birds now spread their wings in a huge flight room where the birds now spread their wings.

WRANPS president Dianne Hunt shares has a vision of a bigger one that the tidelands money will pay for.

"It will have state of the art filtration and it'll be a very large enclosed area where all of our shorebirds will be able to waterproof and then fly in one facility," says Hunt.

Hunt says tidelands money goes a long way to preserve Coastal wildlife.

"It's a resource that all of us along the Coast appreciate, our brown pelicans that many of us didn't see when we were growing up and we now have."

Birds will fly in the new aviary by the end of next year.