Biloxi slashing $32.3 million baseball stadium construction bid

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The city of Biloxi has found more than three million dollars to trim out of its baseball stadium project.  What was a $32.3 million construction bid from Yates Construction will now be a $29 million project.  The Biloxi City Council votes on that contract this Tuesday.

You may be wondering how the city plans to slash that large chunk of money.

It eliminated $1.8 million in value engineering. A small component in that value engineering package is cup holders at each seat.  The contract being voted on Tuesday trims $18,100 by removing cup holders attached to the seats from the stadium.  However, city leaders say they expect an outside entity to step up to the plate and make sure items like cup holders are part of a fan's experience on opening day.

The city cut another $1.4 million by eliminating other items, including faucets and toilets which people will have to turn on and flush themselves.

Also, the chairs in the club level seating will be changed, and the construction contract will be extended from 300 days to 365 days.  That two month extension will save a million dollars.

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