Franklin Creek Community Experiencing Rash Of Burglaries

When people stop in the GoCo food mart, they aren't just there to pick up a few things. They come to socialize.

On this day, Miyuki Deer's regular shared some disturbing news. There's been a rash of home burglaries. She told him her home has already been a target.

"My husband called here and he said, 'The whole window is missing.' He asked if I knew anything about it. I said, 'No.' He called the police. All he could think about that was missing was his wallet," Deer says.

Deer and her husband aren't the only ones though. Their next door neighbors got it too.

"Their house got broken into. Took their food and microwave and some guns. I don't know, but somebody on that one day broke into a couple of houses," Daniel Deer says.

"I've even heard them," Resident Linda Stanfield says.

Stanfield says she always hears people prowling late at night. A few weeks ago the noises got loud.

"I was at work, my mother was sitting up and they tried to break in. My mother, she wouldn't do nothing, she was scared," Stanfield adds.

Stanfield says she's been a Franklin Creek resident for 30 years and burglary has never been as much of an issue as it has been lately.

"I feel it's somebody who knows this area well. Somebody from up this way," Daniel Deer says.

Deer says if the suspects are from the area, more deputies patrolling should take care of the problem.