Gasleak Caused Evacuation of Neighborhood in Kiln

Crews from Williams Energy still don't know how natural gas started leaking from an underground pipeline off of Bobinger Road in the Kiln Community. But last night the leak became apparent to the people who lived there when they smelled the gas.

Authorities evacuated fifty-eight people from their houses for safety reasons. The people and the activity of their lives have temporarily moved to Diamondhead Ramada Inn.

Mark Lewis, Bobinger Road Resident said, "It's a pain basically they roust you up out of your house I know they got to do it for safety sake but it's an inconvenience to a whole lot of families on that road at nine, ten o'clock at night."

Williams Energy owns the leaking underground pipeline. The company is keeping everyone out of the area until crews can find the source of the leak and get it stopped. Randy Hermes, Williams Engery Service told WLOX, "Once we've secured the line and made it safe then we'll have a back hoe escavate around the line to determine what the cause of the leak is, then start the appropriate repair at that time." Hermes hopes that residents will be able to go back to their homes tonight or tomorrow.