Attorney: Court backs circuit clerk in poll book dispute

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The attorney for the Harrison County Board of Supervisors updated the board Monday on a lawsuit filed by Chris McDaniel over access to the county's poll books.

Attorney Tim Holleman said the court upheld the position of Circuit Clerk Gayle Parker, who refused to hand over poll books until the personal information of voters was redacted. He said the county was right in following a statute which addresses the issue of blacking out personal information, such as a voter's date of birth.

"Just to make it clear, Mr. McDaniel was never denied access to the poll books," Holleman explained. "In fact, he received 14 poll books with the date, date of birth, redacted. And then decided they didn't want the rest of them done. And then filed their suit."

Attorney Holleman said opinions from both the Attorney General and Secretary of State supported the statute, which requires that personal information be redacted before anyone can inspect the poll books.

The court upheld that position.

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