Dwarf Horse Stolen

A horse thief has left a Harrison County woman heartbroken.

The animal that's missing is a dwarf horse with special medical needs. And the owner is offering a 500 dollar reward for her pet's return.

Debbie Paradies needs only to rattle the feed bucket, and her two dwarf horses come running. "Smurf" and "Sprite" enjoy feeding time.

But another animal is gone.

Someone snatched "Munchkin" from the barn sometime Saturday night.

"And I opened the door and I looked and I'm thinking, where's my other horse?"

Paradies discovered the empty stall Sunday morning, after putting the horses away Saturday night.

"Anybody that doesn't know anything about horses maybe thinks she can be a pet like a puppy or something. They don't realize that she takes extra care. She has a bad foot little foot."

Unlike her stable mates, the missing horse needs extra medical care. A deformed foot requires special attention.

Paradies is hoping the 500 dollar reward will turn up some information about the missing animal. She considers her horses more than just pets.

"It's really hard because they're like my children. And she in particular having health problems and things, I've spent more time with her and all that. She's like a little child that has problems. And she has to be taken care of like a little child."