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AZ Chamber of Commerce president describes 'iron dome' experience

Glenn Hamer and daughter in Tel Aviv bomb shelter. Glenn Hamer and daughter in Tel Aviv bomb shelter.

The president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry is in Tel Aviv.

Glenn Hamer has been tweeting pictures, describing his experience under the "iron dome" – Israel's high-tech missile defense system.

CBS 5 News spoke with Hamer via Skype on Saturday afternoon.

He said he and his family have been in Israel for nearly two weeks.

His wife holds dual American and Israeli citizenship, and they've been traveling the country visiting relatives and friends.

Hamer, his wife and their three daughters returned to Tel Aviv on Saturday evening.

So this has been their first encounter with sirens and warnings to seek shelter because of Hamas' missile launches during their trip.

"There are shelters in every hotel and safe rooms in every home," said Hamer. "So people know when they hear the sirens, they don't play around. They go into them."

Despite this, Hamer said he feels that he and his family are not in danger.

"I feel very safe in Tel Aviv," he said. "But, you have to listen to the sirens and take the proper precautions. So, there may be a little bit of a diversion to a shelter and then in a half an hour you can enjoy a good falafel."

Hamer tweeted a picture of him and his daughter inside of a hotel bomb shelter earlier Saturday evening.

An hour later, he tweeted a picture of them enjoying pizza out on the town.

"Tel Aviv is like Israel's New York City," Hamer explained. "This place is alive. So people go into the shelter, they do their thing, and then they enjoy life. But if you're coming from the outside, it's not a usual type occurrence, obviously, to go into a bomb shelter. And, for the kids, it's tough. My daughters were concerned."

Hamer said he plans to head back to Arizona on Tuesday.

His wife and daughters will stay a little while longer to spend time with her family.

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