Biloxi leaders say the city will see baseball in 2015

Despite a number of recent set backs, there seems to be optimism on all sides about the future of Baseball in the city of Biloxi. Several city leaders met up throughout the day Friday, to discuss all the options they have to reduce the cost of the new downtown baseball stadium.

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - On Wednesday, WLOX News reported the lowest bid for the construction of the ball park was more than five million dollars over budget. As of Friday that number seems to be closer to six million dollars.

"These developments are never easy. If I expected this to be easy, I wouldn't have been here for the last ten years," team owner Tim Bennett said. "So this to me is one last hurdle, one of the last few hurdles that we have to overcome in order to get the stadium constructed."

This isn't Bennett's first rodeo. He says he's seen time crunches similar to the one facing the MGM Ballpark, and says it won't stop baseball from coming to the city of Biloxi.

"As a team, we're very willing and we're sitting down with the city, we're working through what cuts we have to make in order to get back within budget. This is not a hundred million dollar issue. This is a matter of we've got to cut back our budget, to make sure we can afford to build a stadium that we want to build," Bennett said.

Thousands of people are looking forward to Biloxi seeing minor league baseball next spring.

Jonathan Jones, the manager of a restaurant that does business in downtown, says although things are looking a bit gloomy he believes his city leaders will pull things together.

"They've already got money invested, they've got time invested, they've jumped through a lot of hoops to be able to make it happen. So I do feel like they'll find a solution and they'll come together and get the stadium up and running, and it'll be good for Biloxi. Especially downtown," Jones said.

City leaders like Council President Kenny Glavan are also optimistic.

"We still have the vision to make it happen, and I believe we'll be playing baseball next year," Glavan said.

The Biloxi City Council will hold a meeting next Tuesday at city hall to make a final decision on how they will move forward with the contractor bidding.

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