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Resource fair planned for Montgomery homeless


The Mid-Alabama Coalition for the Homeless will be holding its fifth annual River Region Connects resource fair on Saturday.

The event is designed to provide homeless in the area with many different resources they need. 

"They'll be resources for the homeless. Place, resources that they can go to for help. If they need a place to stay, food to eat, medical attention, those things will be provided to them tomorrow," said Jennifer Hartley from the Family Sunshine Center.

The resource fair will be held in the Multiplex at Cramton Bowl, a location which will make finding help easier.

"Many of these resources are agencies some of our homeless clients have never heard of and didn't even know existed so we try to bring the services to them," said Molly Stone, executive director of the MACH. "Transportation is a huge barrier for the homeless. They have trouble getting around town without bus tickets and of course without their own transportation and so instead of having to go back and forth across town to offices and wait in lines, we try to bring everything to them just to make it easier for them and provide easy access."

Stone says many factors can lead a person or family to need the resources provided at River Region Connects. 

"A lot of homeless people suffer from mental illness or substance abuse problems. But then there's also the loss of a job, or a cut back in hours, a medical issue, and sometimes it's just conflict within a family," she said.

River Region Connects will be being at 9 a.m. and last until 1 p.m.

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