Ocean Springs neighborhood on look out for 12 foot snake

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - What is believed to be a 12 foot long python has been spotted several times in the Gulf Hills neighborhood of Ocean Springs. The first sighting was made by Gulf Hills Hotel manager, Donna Brown, near the end of 2013. The most recent spotting was by a kayaker near the Fort Bayou Bridge.

George Brewer and his family were staying at the hotel this weekend for a wedding, and are hoping not to encounter the enormous snake.

"If I saw it, I would go to a safe place. Run away. I would be gone," said Rylan Fortado and Hunter Brewer.

The snake was first spotted in the winter of 2013, behind the Gulf Hills hotel and conference center, and the sightings have continued to this day.

"We've been coming here for about 40 years, but have never seen anything like this," said Elaine Brewer.

Several residents claim they have seen the 12, maybe even 15 foot long snake, believed to be a python or boa constrictor lurking in the bayous of Gulf Hills in Ocean Springs, and one visitor has a theory as to where it came from.

"I think it's a shame that someone would bring a pet like that and probably let it out, however, it could have escaped during a storm or something so you never know, but I will check under my bed tonight," said Brewer.

While the thought of a snake that big is terrifying to some, it's quite intriguing to others.

"I'm bigger so I need a bigger snake than those little bitty coral snakes. It doesn't scare me at all," said Kenny Phillips.

The Gulf Hills Hotel General manager says most residents have already been warned about the slimy serpent taking up residence in the area, and have been asked to call the hotel desk immediately if they see the snake.

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