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MCDANIEL: I am not a sore loser

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Chris McDaniel has yet to concede the election. That's despite the fact that Thad Cochran had a 7,667 vote victory based on certified results.

"I'm not a sore loser. What I am is a person who wants to see the process saved," McDaniel explained. "It takes time to investigate corruption. We're not going anywhere until we figure out where it happened and root it out once and for all.

McDaniel couldn't give updated numbers of irregular votes his team has found. He said their review has been delayed in some counties. If it weren't for that, a challenge may have already been filed at this point. His mission statement has shifted some.

"If I can stand in this fight and I can clean up the elections process," he said. "If I can clean up the party process, it's worth it to me. And it should be worth it to others.

The longer talk of a challenge drags on, the more questions there are about McDaniel's future.

"People tell me that this will end my political career and if that's the case, so be it," McDaniel admitted.

He's not the only one questioning the process. Texas group, True the Vote sued the Secretary of State, nine county election commissions and the state Republican Party. It argues federal law requires authorities to release voter rolls and poll books without erasing personal information. The GOP Chairman fired back Thursday.

"This litigation doesn't have anything to do with us," said chairman Joe Nosef. "And it never has. It's done I guess they're including us because they think it makes better headlines.

Political author and analyst Andy Taggart says the last two weeks are the strangest he's seen.

"Mississippians who are generally a patient and forgiving people do run out of patience at some point," described Taggart. "And particularly where it becomes quite clear that one candidate has won and one has lost."

McDaniel says he'll keep looking for the problems. If he doesn't find them, he says he'll move on. According to him, a challenge could come as early as 3 to 5 days from now.

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