WLOX Editorial: Those who hold taxpayer funded jobs must be held accountable

A forum last week in South Mississippi brought more stories of lack of, or poor medical treatment for our veterans by the Veterans Administration. It is clear the VA problems are system wide. What is not clear is whether it will be fixed.

The stories coming from inside the VA of self-perpetuation, at the expense of the veterans care, are nothing less than big government gone bad. What was well intended in the beginning evolved into a culture of protecting themselves instead of protecting those who fought for this country and are now in need. Some even pocketing bonuses after lying about meeting goals.

This kind of government corruption must be dealt more than a slap on the hand. Those who hold taxpayer funded jobs of any kind must know they will be held accountable, will be fired, and will be prosecuted.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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