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Player reunites with teammates after suffering heat stroke

Brian Segree (Source: WSFA 12 News) Brian Segree (Source: WSFA 12 News)

Stanhope Elmore High School's gym echoed with cheers on Tuesday as returning senior offensive tackle, Brian Segree, walked through the double doors.

Segree's teammates sprang off the bleachers and engulfed the beloved player with handshakes and hugs. It's been nearly 3 weeks to the day since they've seen him.

The last memory this team has of Segree was June 19, when he collapsed on the field in the 96 degree heat after finishing a conditioning workout.

He was loaded into the back of an ambulance and later flown to Children's Hospital, where he spent 13 days recovering from a heat stroke.

Segree's mother, Pamela Globe, said he was unresponsive for 11 hours.

"I didn't know what was going to happen" she sobbed, "Doctors said the worst case scenario was my son could have brain damage due to the lack of oxygen."

Segree still claims that fateful day was like any other on the field, and doesn't remember taking a knee, or passing out.

He has a dim memory of being blind and paralyzed, only hearing his mother crying and feeling her kiss his cheek.

Even Segree believes his story is miraculous.

"It's a blessing I'm even sitting here, telling you this today."

Globe agrees, she says she checked his pupils routinely after he arrived at Children's hospital. Less than 24 hours after the incident, he blinked, and a tear ran down his face.

Segree's first words were a request to his mother, who is a nurse, to remove his incubation tube, and the life began to pour back into his body.

Segree isn't out of the woods yet.

He faces liver and kidney damage, and a disease that causes muscle deterioration.

He sees surviving this stroke as a life-changing gift from God.

"God has definitely given me a second chance to redo some things and change some things I wasn't doing before."

Even though the 2014 fall football season isn't shaping up as Segree and his team had planned, he's already staged the biggest comeback of his athletic career.

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