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60,000 expected in Savannah for Fourth of July Holiday weekend


Happy Fourth of July! We are a few hours away from the fireworks display in downtown Savannah but many folks are already celebrating.


Folks will want to be as close to the river as possible because the fireworks will be going off next to the Westin on Hutchinson Island at 9 p.m.

Until then, there's plenty to do down on River Street. There will be live entertainment starting at 6 p.m. with a performance by Those Cats and then the Hypnotics will play at 8 p.m.

Vendors have been setting up all day for the three day festival. There are plenty of beverage and food stations set up along the river so you don't need to worry about bringing a lot with you.

WTOC caught up with several folks who are looking forward to the way Savannah celebrates the 4th of July.

"You know the view on the water, I think the fireworks look better when the reflection bounces off the water," said vendor Victor Billups.

"We were down here for St. Patrick's Day and we had a ball. We saw every band that was down here so I'm sure this one is going to be just as good if not better," said Wells Thomason.

If you're planning to drive tonight, it will be tricky. River Street is closed along with part of Bay at Whitaker Street. If you need to get on I-16, take Gwinnett and 37th Street.

The city is expecting about 60,000 folks this holiday weekend so be prepared for traffic.

Officials say this is the second largest event in Savannah, next ot St. Patrick's Day but for the number of folks on River Street at one time for the fireworks, it seems like the largest.

Police are asking folks who are coming and out of the city to plan ahead. You will not be able to park in the public lots along River Street. Those will be remain closed until Sunday.

There will be extra officers patroling the city this weekend. They recommend famlies coming up with a game plane if you get separated, establish a meeting place.

"Just keep it simple and don't bring a lot of stuff down," said Carrie Bligh, Exec. Director of Savannah Waterfront Association. "There's going to be a lot police officers on the street but always be aware of your surroundings as well."

Also, parents with small children should take a picture of them on a smart phone, that way if you get separated from them you have a picture of them in what they are wearing.

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