D'Iberville Police Go After Those With Late Court Fines

Law enforcement officials in the city of D'Iberville fanned out in all directions from the Harrison County Sheriffs Substation before sun up Saturday morning in an all out effort to collect outstanding court fines.

"This is a wide range of misdemeanor fines, says Harrison County Sheriffs Capt. Windy Swetman. "Anything from traffic violations to disorderly conduct. It ranges. And the fines range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars."

Swetman says far too many of those fines have gone unpaid for too long.

"There's a total of 13 hundred defendants on the books right now owing over half a million dollars in old fines to the city of D'Iberville." says Swetman.

More often than not deputies failed to get their man or woman.

However a number of sleepy subjects were located, and after a short trip to the station most were convinced to pay up.

Just over 10 percent of those targeted were actually located.

Only one had to go to jail. Still Captain Swetman called the operation a great success for the message he says it sends to those still out there.

"They were knocking on doors and residents have seen that and before they were put in handcuffs and then brought down in a police car they've been turning themselves in," says Swetman.

A wise decision he says others should make before they too here an early morning knock at their door.