Tired Of The Issue?

It's been talked about for a while now, but when local businessman Rip Daniels pulled down the confederate battle flag from the Eight Flags display on the beach, it suddenly became an issue that everyone was talking about. The current state flag which houses the battle emblem in the top left corner landed squarely in the middle of conversations and became the target because of that, and at the same time, rallied folks who love that flag. Well it has been almost a year since that incident on the beach, and the flag issue has been raised many times since then, so what do folks on the coast think of the past year's hot topic?

"I think people are tired of hearing about it," coast resident Sheri Kamont says. "I think we need to get it over with and get something done with it, one way or another."

Erica Haygood will be voting on the issue.  She says, "It needs to be finalized and completed and get out like they said and vote on it and just take care of it."

"I'm personally tired of hearing about it," Jacob Morgan says. "I could care less if they keep it or not, it really doesn't bother me."

On April 17th voters all across the state will head to the polls to decide whether to keep the current state flag or change it to the design introduced by the state flag commission. But, when voting day gets here will the issue be so run into the ground that voters just wash their hands of the topic.

"Some issues are important, and when it pertains to people and their welfare, what they feel, what they're thinking those are things that do need to be addressed," Erica Haygood says.

Chris Garner says, "It doesn't really mean anything to me, but I wish it would stay up because it doesn't mean anything really."

Bob White thinks the issue has been blown out of proportion.  He says, "I think they are going to be very disappointed in the turnout I really believe people have had enough."

The secretary of state's office estimates the flag vote will cost $2 to $3 million, including printing the ballots which the state pays, and any other costs that the counties must pay.