Page 13: Flies into the world of a bee keeper

Pat McCaffery and his son Randy manage beehives and turn the sweet nectar into Stinger Juice, Super Natural Honey.

This is good old fashioned nature at work.

"The bees go out and get nectar from plants. They go into the hive and process that. Once they get it to the right temperature it becomes honey," according to McCaffery.

A series of boxes are filled with frames and the bees are very productive.

"We pulled five of those boxes the other day and extracted 40 gallons of honey," said McCaffery.

We've always heard that it's best to eat honey from local bees.

It's all about pollen, allergies and immunity.

"The bees in processing the pollen from plants turns it into honey and builds our immunity to block allergies," says McCaffery.

McCaffery sells his Stinger Juice at various stores and farmer's markets arou8nd South Mississippi.

There's a good reason to pass on mass produced honey and buy from a local bee keeper who makes natural honey.

"According to the Bee Keeper Journal, which is the bible for the bee industry 70% of honey in grocery stores is re-flavored syrup," said McCaffery.