McDaniel calls election 'a sham'

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Chris McDaniel calls last week's runoff election "a sham, plain and simple." WLOX News has confirmed McDaniel supporters sent that message to contributors Wednesday morning via an email.

"Across the state, Democrats took to the polls to vote in the Republican primary to make sure that Thad Cochran could return to Washington to keep pushing for reckless spending in the senate," McDaniel's note continued.

McDaniel said a legal challenge is not out of the questions.

"We have a long fight ahead of us. I know exactly how long and frustrating court battles can be, but I believe this will be worth it. There is too much at stake to back down from this fight," the email said.

The McDaniel email asks supporters for donations to fund any court battles over this election.

"We don't currently have the resources to mount the legal challenge that this case deserves," the email notes.

McDaniel lost the June 24 runoff to Thad Cochran by 6,700 votes.  Since last Tuesday, his staff members have checked ballots in almost half of Mississippi's 82 counties.  And they claim to have discovered more than 3,000 voting irregularities.

The questions surrounding the election are why an organization called True the Vote filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday in Oxford.

McDaniel responded to that suit by saying, "True the Vote is concerned with maintaining the integrity of Mississippi's election process," McDaniel said. "The voters should be able to trust that the manner in which their elected officials are chosen is not compromised, and that the rule of law is adhered to. It is vital we be allowed to examine election data to make sure that happens."

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