Art McClung named Moss Point's interim Chief of Police

Newly appointed interim Police Chief Art McClung
Newly appointed interim Police Chief Art McClung
Charlie Myles addresses the Board of Aldermen
Charlie Myles addresses the Board of Aldermen

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Deputy Chief Art McClung is now officially Moss Point's interim Chief of Police. The city's Board of Alderman made that decision Tuesday night during an executive session with Mayor Billy Broomfield. But before that, city leaders heard from residents who had some strong opinions related to the recent departure of former police chief Keith Davis.

Long-time Moss Point resident Charlie Myles said he felt the board had failed him and the city.

"When you walk in here, you got a job to do, and that's what the people of Moss Point are expecting you to do," Myles told the board.

He said he wanted to make sure city leaders let the next chief do his job without too much input.

"You cannot micro-manage these heads that are running these departments around here," said Myles.

Many in the audience agreed. But Alderwoman Shirley Chambers said the answer may not be that simple.

"You never know, it's kind of hard, it's difficult. It's a lot of personal issues goes on in there," Chambers said, referring to complications amongst board members.

But Chambers is confident the city will keep moving forward.

"Moss Point is on the move and we got work to do and we don't have time to back up," said Chambers

As for the interim chief, he's looking forward to the future, and hopes to eventually take the job over for good.

"This is a position that I have been working for since the beginning of my career," said McClung, who has been with the department since November of 2012. "I understand that there is a great responsibility, but I also understand that I'm a servant and as the chief you're just the chief servant to the citizens of Moss Point."

The city will continue to take applications for job of Police Chief. Once enough applications are received, Mayor Broomfield is expected to hold a special meeting to discuss further options.

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