Female World War Two Soldier Receives Military Honors

There are nearly four thousand graves in Biloxi National Cemetery. However, very few represent female soldiers from World War Two.

Coralie Ferriot was remembered Friday afternoon during a brief service in the national cemetery. A military honor guard recognized her 21 years of service to her country.  She was a veteran of both World War II and the Korean War.

Family and friends say she loved America and loved the United States Army.

She was a longtime leader of the New Orleans chapter of the Women's Army Corps.

"Death is not the end. Nor does it destroy the bonds that are forged in our lives," said the VA chaplain at the graveside service.

Coralie Marie Farriot's strongest bonds included her longtime military service. She joined thousands of other women in stepping to the forefront during World War Two.

"During World War Two, everybody was patriotic. I mean she just wanted to serve her country," said neice, Elaine Voelker.

She served with quiet distinction for more than two decades. Her decorations include the War Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal and the Army Commendation Medal.

"Oh yeah, she was proud of her service time, yeah," said 95 year old Lee Hote.

Hote got to know her friend through the New Orleans chapter of WAC, the Women's Army Corp.

"She was a hard worker when she was in the service. And she was a hard worker with our organization until she took sick. She was a wonderful person," said Hote.

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Even though I walk into the valley, I fear no evil for you are at my side," prayed the pastor.

First Sergeant Farriot planned her own funeral service. The military presence was most important.

"And she knew all the reasons why the flag was folded as many times as it was folded. And the reason for each fold. Why it was folded that way," Voelker said.

Family and friends will remember their loved one for her quiet leadership, her sense of humor and perhaps most of all, her dedication to helping preserve freedom.