Heavy Rains Causes Streets To Flood

Saturday's weather created some flooding for residents living in the Brentwood Subdivision off of the newly opened Cowan Lorraine Road.

MDOT officials received several calls about the standing water collecting on Brentwood Drive, which is near the end of the neighborhood located immediately off of Cowan/Lorraine Road.

A crew showed up almost immediately to survey the problem and after noticing the flow of water was taking a normal path to the drainage points, they started looking for a clogged pipe.

Eventually they found some wooden stakes inside one of the drains stopping the flow of water. After removing them, much of the water quickly subsided.

MDOT says the standing water will eventually all run off and get back to normal for residents who drive in that area.

The roads in the Brentwood Subdivision weren't the only ones that got covered in water. Roads in two coast cities were shut down because of localized flooding. Police in Biloxi closed Crawford Street south of Division, and Long Beach police shut down Beatline Road between Daughtery and 28th Street.