Man At Ruby Ridge Standoff Comes To The Coast

There was a large crowd at a gun show in Orange Grove this weekend, in part, because of one man, well known across the country.

Randy Weaver made headlines in August 1992 at his home at Ruby Ridge. During a standoff with federal agents, Weaver's wife and son were shot and killed. A federal agent was also killed.

Weaver served 16 months in jail after that incident.

This weekend, he was at the gun show to promote his book called "The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge."

The organizer of the gun show would not allow WLOX cameras inside, but we were able to talk to Weaver outside. He said he wrote the book because he wants people to know what happened at Ruby Ridge.

"If they want to go after real crooks and criminals, that's fine with me, but just because people own firearms, sell firearms, alter firearms, that's not against the Constitution, that's not against the Second Amendment," Weaver said.

He now lives in Iowa, where he is working on his second book. He also tours around the country promoting his current book.