WLOX Editorial: July 4th remember those who stood up and claimed our nation's freedom

A couple of centuries ago some courageous men boldly signed a document knowing it meant a price would be placed on their heads. They knew they would have to fight for the rights they declared for themselves and their friends and neighbors.

One of the reasons they took that risk was the king effectively took away their right to elect representatives who they could hold accountable. We know that document as the Declaration of Independence.

Today to participate in the election process, we do not have to declare our independence, nor put our lives on the line. We just have to stay informed, vote when elections come around. We can even demand accountability from our representatives at all levels of government without fear of retribution.

As we celebrate independence day on July 4th, we should remember and honor those who stood up and claimed the nation's freedom for themselves, for us, and for generations to come.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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