Economy Doesn't Dictate Fun

There's no denying it there are some beautiful boats and recreational vehicles out at the boat and RV show at the coliseum, but it's no secret that they fit squarely into the category of big ticket items and large purchases. Wall Street is looking more like a roller coaster these days than the steady rising machine it was this time last year, so with that in mind are consumers still buying these types of items?

Wayne Parker is in RV sales on the coast and says, "We still have just as strong a business now as it was back when the economy was so called good."

Keith King on the other hand sells boats and says, "What we're seeing here recently with the interest rate drops, we've seen an awful lot of activity even in the larger boats, we do a brokerage operation too and we're selling quite a few boats in the last thirty days."

Justin Humphreys works in the RV business as well but his time is spent on the frontline where their made and says, "We have seen a little bit of a slow down especially with the gas prices and diesel prices going up, but it's not as drastic as one would think."

It seems that family fun and recreation isn't taking a back seat to this latest dip in the economic indicators that have folks in other industries concerned. Wayne Parker says, "It's one of those leisure things, it's not a need it's a want and if they want it bad enough they can certainly afford it."

Keith King says, "People are still looking for ways to recreate with family entertainment boating is a great way to do that."

Loren Kortum manages a boat dealership on the coast and says the business is doing fine and even better than last year actually. "You still need to entertain yourself, I know luxury items usually get taken away, but with family and everything else boats are still going to be in there."

But what about production of boats and RV'S, do production lines slow down when the Dow Jones does? Humphreys says, "We basically adjust it so instead of going like a five day work week, we'll typically go to like a four day work week or we'll build less, it's slowed down a little bit but there are still a lot of people buying them."