James Carville weighs in on GOP primary run off

James Carville talks to WLOX News during book signing at Barnes and Noble in Gulfport.
James Carville talks to WLOX News during book signing at Barnes and Noble in Gulfport.

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Popular political pundit and democratic campaign strategist James Carville was at the Barnes and Noble in Gulfport Monday evening signing the book he and his wife Mary Matalin authored titled "Love and War".

WLOX News approached Carville at the event to learn more about his book and his thoughts on the GOP run off.

Fans of Carville waited eagerly to get him to autograph his new book which covers him and his wife's work over the last two decades with presidencies, political life in Washington and raising to daughters.

Sue Dorrill says she's a lifelong fan of the politically opposed couple.

"I like them because they are a house divided, but a house that stands together too. She is Mrs. Republican and he is Mr. Democrat," said Dorrill.

But James didn't just come in to sign books and meet with fans. He also did what he does best and that's comment on politics. Carville is calling Mississippi's GOP Senate primary runoff an election for the ages.

"If McDaniel wins I think the democrats are going to try to put up a fight and try to get the senate seat," Carville said.

"I think the democrats are going to put up a real fight for him and I think that would be good for the state. It wouldn't hurt to air it out and have a little competition here," Carville said.

Carville also weighed in on Cochran saying the 76-year-old politician isn't likely to change.

"I think Senator Cochran is a very well liked man for good reason, but he's been there in Mississippi politics for over 40 years, I guess. And he's going to campaign the way that he is and who he is. And has probably said to himself, 'People are going to accept me or reject me based on who I am.'"

As for Tuesday's primary runoff, Carville gave a quick prediction.

"I would say that most of the people I spoke to today and I'll leave it at that think that McDaniel's going to win tomorrow," said Carville.

Some proceeds from the book signing will go towards the United Way of South Mississippi. Click here http://www.unitedwaysm.org/ to learn more about how you can help United Way of South MS.

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