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McDaniel vs. Cochran: 1 More Time

The Republican runoff race for the U-S Senate seat is just hours away. Monday Incumbent Senator Thad Cochran and Challenger State Senator Chris McDaniel gave some of their final pitches.

Monday morning U.S. Senator John McCain stomped in support of his colleague, Incumbent Senator Thad Cochran.

American flags waved in the patriotic setting at the War Memorial Building in Jackson filled with Mississippi veterans.

The incumbent introduced McCain and the military veterans reached out to supporters.

"This election tomorrow will send a message as to whether we can rely on a proven record of leadership, a proven record of dedicated service to the people of Mississippi and this nation or not," McCain told the audience.

During the rally the Arizona lawmaker praised Cochran's record and urged support to return to the polls to keep the experienced Republican in his key Washington position.

"I think that experience is a strong asset in trying to assess how we allocate scare resources," said Cochran.

Monday evening Senatorial Candidate Chris McDaniel's campaign bus stopped at his Flowood headquarters.

He thanked Rankin county volunteers and fired up his base pushing a conservative agenda, saying it's time to get rid of the Washington elite.

"We're tired of the backroom deals . We're tired of the business as usual. We're tired of the favoritism. We're tired of the cronyism," said McDaniel. "We're gonna remind them once and for all that this our country and they work for us."

When asked about Cochran reaching out to Democrats for votes, the 42 year old blasted the incumbent, calling him a liberal Republican.

"Do you want your party and your nominee selected by a Reagan conservative or do you want your nominee selected by liberal democrats? That's what it's boiling down to," said the GOP challenger.

Roughly 1,400 votes separated the men during the June 3rd primary.

Polls open at 7 a.m. Tuesday and close at 7 p.m.

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