McDaniel rallies at Hobby Lobby parking lot as primary runoff draws near

Chris McDaniel rally at Hobby Lobby parking lot in Biloxi on Sunday.
Chris McDaniel rally at Hobby Lobby parking lot in Biloxi on Sunday.

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Sunday was not a day of rest for the two candidates vying for the republican U.S. senate nomination. Both incumbent Senator Thad Cochran and his challenger State Senator Chris McDaniel were on the coast making that final effort before the primary runoff election on Tuesday.

WLOX News caught up with the McDaniel campaign at a rally over at the Hobby Lobby parking lot in Biloxi where he was accompanied by the tea party express and some big name supporters.

U.S. senatorial candidate Chris McDaniel traded in his usual suit and tie for a more casual look with a button down shirt and blue jeans.

What wasn't casual, McDaniel's strong push for votes.

"Over the last few days I've heard some very unusual things from Senator Cochran. First of all he said I was dangerous," said McDaniel.

Inside a tea party express bus at the McDaniel rally was an arsenal of nationally known public figures showing support, like former Wheel of Fortune game show host Chuck Woolery.

"I think he's a wonderful conservative and I think he'll do your state right and I think he'll do the country right," said Woolery.

Another speaker for McDaniel was Fox news commentator Wayne Dupree.

"Hold him accountable. Don't let him go up there and then say, 'Ok well he's gonna do it' and y'all don't worry about it," said Dupree.

"It's the first time I heard Chris speak and I really like what he had to say," said McDaniel supporter Sue Stodola.

Some McDaniel supporters say they don't like the direction Senator Cochran has taken the United States and Mississippi. They say they're hoping McDaniel will bring more jobs into our state and fix the education system.

"We've got to get new leadership in Washington not just Thad Cochran," said Lloyd Holston.

The tea party-backed candidate touted his conservative credentials bringing up his desire to repeal Obamacare, impose term limits to politicians and lowering America's debt.  He also addressed some controversial comments he made about federal funding for education.

"I'm okay with federal funding, so long as it's spent with the teachers and with the classrooms and with the kids. What I don't like is federal control over education. I am not a fan of common core. We're going to get rid of common core once and for all," McDaniel said.

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