Hockey fans optimistic they'll have a team for the 2014-15 season

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Inside the Mississippi Coast Coliseum Sunday was a very dark and an eerie feeling of emptiness.

Hockey fans on the coast were told in early May that the only time during hockey season they could be inside the coliseum was for any event other than their favorite sport. That's because the Surge announced they would be suspending operations.

However, there is another ownership group that is interested in keeping hockey here on the coast for the 2014-15 SPHL season. Former Surge fans are very thrilled about that.

"My little brother actually found out before me and came into my room really excited because that's his favorite sport," hockey fan Haley Lafferre said. "Whenever he told me, he had a little tear in his eye saying, 'it's coming back Haley, it's coming back. I have a feeling.' It made me happy and I hope they do."

"The thing that would help the team strive more is not have one or two minority owners but a few more minority owners with the same opinion," hockey fan Devon Lochner said. "[More minority owners] can do a lot more than just two majority owners. I just feel as if they could do it a lot better that way."

It's not a done deal that a team will occupy the coliseum in 2014. But for fans like Haley and Devon, if a year passes by without ice so close to the beach, it'll be tough to find another activity to do on the weekends for more reasons than you might've initially thought.

"I was going to help coach the younger children," Lochner said. "That's really what hit me the most because I'd be able to pass along what I'd known along to the younger children. I remember when I was little that I wanted to play hockey and that's the only thing I was looking forward to."

"Everything happens for a reason," Lafferre said. "I hope they do bring it back because my little brother was hurt [emotionally] but it was something to do. It's something that families can do together.