Local business to be featured on A&E reality show

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - A Gautier business is getting ready for its moment in the spotlight. Fortress Mausoleums will be featured on the A&E reality show "Shipping Wars" at 9 p.m. on Tuesday.

"'Shipping Wars' contacted us. They've contacted us a couple of times over the years, and we finally found something that would work. So, Tuesday night we're going to be featured on the program," said Fortress Mausoleum Engineer Lance Grigson.

Though the business could not go in to detail about what exactly is being shipped, they say it's pretty easy to figure out. The show will feature employees of Fortress Mausoleums making a shipment to Roswell, NM. The episode is titled "Space Invaders."

The company has been open since 1997. They manufacture and install mausoleums all over the country. Grigson said people order the mausoleums his company makes for many different reasons.

"The difference is above or below ground. Some folks, simply, they are not going to be buried in the ground. In this part of the country, folks have to be buried above ground. You've got high water tables, that kind of thing. So some part of it's cultural, some part of it's personal preference and some part of it's necessity," said Grigson.

Grigson said they are closing in on their 1,000 mausoleum constructed.

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