Traffic problems kept at a minimum after Darius Rucker concert

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The traffic plan orchestrated by Biloxi and Ocean Springs Police Departments seems like it worked. The 13,000 people who attended the Darius Rucker concert in Biloxi on Saturday night got caught in some pretty big traffic jams.

Concert goers tried leaving Biloxi at the same time, and they couldn't use Interstate 110 to get out of town. Many of those cars got diverted to Highway 609 in Ocean Springs to reach Interstate 10.

For about an hour, police executed a venting plan, preventing cars from turning into casinos. That was the only real issue police reported.

I-110 was closed so MDOT crews could demolish the Big Ridge Road Bridge. Workers used 400 pounds of dynamite to demolish the bridge, and had only 14 hours to work on cleaning and clearing the entire site up after the bridge went down.

The interstate was set to reopen at 9 a.m. on Sunday, but MDOT crews had a surprise for drivers who use I-110.

They cleaned up bridge debris and reopened the north south highway four hours earlier than anticipated. Demolition teams spent Sunday chiseling away what Saturday night's blast didn't destroy. MDOT's plan is to replace that overpass with a wider bridge and another exit off I-110.

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