Women take part in classes geared towards healthier and smarter lifestyles

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - From learning proper table etiquette to healthy eating and even preparing your own will a women's group took part in series of classes at Mississippi State Extension Service's Hancock County Center Saturday morning. The women say it's never too late to educate yourself.

Members of Power House of Deliverance Ministries took part in a series of lectures geared towards helping these women live healthier and smarter. Nutrition Educator Joan Thomas showed the women how to make popular dishes easily by substituting the bad ingredients with healthier ones.

"Summer time makes you think about vegetables and fruit and everything that we prepared today relied heavily on the use of vegetables and fruit. And minimal fats, sugars and salts," Thomas said.

Another topic in their lectures was learning proper table manners.

"Etiquettes of table setting, table manners, greeting people basically just why etiquette is as it is," Bailey also explained the correct positioning of utensils at the table and the reasons behind it.

"For instance, why the blade of the knife is turned toward the plate and that is ancient and if you sat down next to someone at a table and their knife was turned to the right instead of to the left toward the plate it meant that they could cut your throat really easy," Bailey explained.

Next on the agenda was a discussion on wills. Tina Reed says she was pleased to find out they weren't as complicated as she had once thought.

"We really learned how simply it is to write a will and to use and how effective it is," Reed said.

Bailey says the classes are just a few of thousands offered by the Mississippi State Extension Service. If you're interested in taking a course you can learn more by visiting the Mississippi State Extension Service online: http://msucares.com/

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