Local woman heading to White House Summit on Working Families

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A local woman has been nominated to attend a special summit in Washington, D.C. focused on working families. Leading the summit will be President Barack Obama and the first lady, along with Vice President Joe Biden and his wife.

Carol Burnett is the Executive Director of Moore Community House and will be attending the White House summit on working families this week. That's where she hopes to learn more about affordable child care for low income women and how to create pathways for women into higher paying jobs.

"The fastest growing job sector is in the low income paying job sector, and unfortunately that's where women still remain concentrated," said Burnett.

Moore Community House already offers a program called Women in Construction. It equips women with construction skills so they can go out and earn more money. Burnett says in Mississippi, eight out of 10 minimum wage workers are women. Many of them are single parents.

"Three quarters of our state's poor children are living in families headed by a single mom," said Burnett.

Her concern over that statistic has her looking for ways to expand affordable child care. Moore Community House offers an early head start program for low income women, but with the amount of women who need it, there aren't enough across the state.

"The challenges are for working parents at all income levels. I mean, I think even the president and vice president both are in working families," said Burnett.

Along with the presidential guest speakers, the summit will also have breakout sessions on structure of the workplace, compensation levels and paid family leave.

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