New Leads in 1995 Gulfport Murder

It was late afternoon on Jan. 9, 1995, when police found the bodies of 81-year-old William Morse and 69-year-old Larche Michaux. The coroner said Morse was smothered to death, Michaux was strangled. The men had been dead at least two days inside their home in the Broadmoor subdivision.

The next day, police found Michaux's stolen BMW, but a search inside came up empty. Now, six years later, new information has police more hopeful.

"The longer the time goes on, the tougher it gets to solve but the leads we've developed recently are probably some of the strongest leads we've developed since the incident took place," Gulfport police Deputy Chief Steve Barnes said. "We are currently looking for some folks that we think we can talk to that may have some information. We're going to continue looking for them."

Police have faced many challenges in trying to solve the case. No one saw or heard anything when the victims died. Police say there was no sign of forced entry into the house, and even though the two men were friendly with their neighbors, police say they pretty much kept to themselves.

"The two victims in this case were private people, and they led very private lives, so we've had a real tough time trying to learn what their habits were and who their acquaintances were," Deputy Cheif Barnes said.  "That to some degree has hampered the investigation, because we've not developed a lot of information about our victims in this case."

Barnes says as long as the killer or killers is still loose, the investigation will remain open. Barnes says he's trying to stay optimistic that new leads will pan out.