Waveland residents, leaders focused on family friendly growth

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Mayberry by the sea. That's how one resident affectionately described Waveland at Thursday's meeting with council members. It's that small town, quiet feel some are worried about losing if recreational vendors are allowed to operate on the beach.

"A lot of families come with little children," said Susan Magee, who lives on the beach. "I love watching people play on the beach. I don't use the beach to be honest. I sit there and look at it, so I like to see the dogs and people playing and I'm worried family mood may go away. If they monitor it and do things like kayak and stuff like that, I think it'd be wonderful."

Maintaining a family friendly environment is top priority for others, as well.

"We want people to come enjoy our beaches. I don't think we're going to have that much traffic or problems. I think that we can work with our tourists when they come, and enjoy it, and have our kids and grand kids enjoy it as well," Bernie Cullen said.

Both city officials and citizens of Waveland believe in bringing more people and revenue to the city, but they know it has to be well thought out and planned. Mayor David Garcia said Thursday's meeting was the first step in moving forward with their planning.

"I feel we're moving in the right direction," Mayor Garcia said. "We got economic development going on in Waveland. We know how to get the businesses here, we just have to get the people here."

Mayor Garcia said the next step, is to take their ideas before a consultant so their plans will be properly executed physically and financially. He said he and his board will move forward in taking the necessary steps to let the citizens of Waveland see progress in their beloved city.

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