Black Spring Break Promoter Comes To Biloxi

Juan Davis was an eleventh hour choice to promote Black Spring Break. On his first trip to Biloxi, the 28-year-old said, "The vision that I have for Black Spring Break is that students are able to come and enjoy themselves."

Davis said if students take advantage of the Black Spring Break events he's putting together, it should be a big success.

"My platform is all about the events moving to the beach area," he said, "because it doesn't make sense for that many people to stop people who live in the city from being able to go along with their lives."

The first Black Spring Break jammed Highway 90. Parts of Biloxi literally shut down. Coast leaders won't let that happen again. "My first priority is for the safety and welfare of the citizens of Biloxi and the Mississippi Gulf Coast," Mayor A.J. Holloway said. "That's what we're going to be working for."

Today the new Black Spring Break promoter had his his first meeting with local leaders. His party is five weeks away. Yet he provided few specifics about what the party will include.

"I'm not making an official statement toward the money amount or where it's coming from," Davis said. "All that I'm saying is that there are groups that would like to see this happen and have offered their support."

Mayor Holloway is skeptical that the promoter can pull this off in just five weeks. "He doesn't have the resources available to him to put any kind of production on, put any type of entertainment on. He would have to have sponsors, which he doesn't have at this time."

The head of the FOCUS committee planning security for Black Spring Break is Cono Caranna. After his meeting with the promoter, the district attorney said, "I understand the gentleman will make an effort to see to it that they attract some activities. Whether or not that can be done in the time remaining is yet to be seen."

Davis will release his entertainment list next week. At that point, the FOCUS committee will know which traffic enforcement plan it should use.

You can hear more from the Black Spring Break promoter Saturday at 6p.m. on Newswatch This Week.

by Brad Kessie